Drinking her coffee, Iris was busy thinking about how to finish the first three chapters of her research paper for her project proposal in just two days.

(Sigh) What should I do first? Hmm,” she said.

Her phone suddenly rang.

(Phone ringing)

She looked at her phone and realized it’s Grace.

“Hey, Grace! What’s the matter?”

“Have you heard? Professor Benitez wants to see the whole class this afternoon at 2pm sharp.”

“Nah. Is that true?”

“Yeah, Caleb texted me. But I guess it’s a group message. Haven’t you received?”

“Not yet. Wait. (text received) I’ve received it just now.”


“Yeah, 2pm sharp. Well, thanks!”

“Hey, wait! Do you want to eat lunch with me later? My treat,” Grace excitingly asked.

“Really? Your treat? Where?” Iris replied teasingly.

“Yes, Iris, my treat. Ahm, at my uncle’s restaurant that is near our school.”

“Your uncle?”

“Yeah, my Uncle Noel. Promise, you won’t regret their menus there. Plus, it’s just near our school. We won’t be late at that 2pm sharp meeting with Ma’am Benitez, huh? Haha!”

“Okay. Okay. Let’s eat there. I also want to try their food there.”

“Yay! Same meeting place, huh? Around 11:45am? Is that okay with you?”

“Sure, sure. Your treat, huh? I won’t forget that. Haha!”

“That’s right! Haha! Wait, how’s your proposal?”

“Well, (looking at her laptop) stuck with the project title. Ugh. I can’t decide what to propose. How about you?”

“Same as you.”

And they both laughed.

“Anyway, see you later, Grace.”

“See you later. Don’t be late. Bye.”

“Yeah. Yeah. Bye.”

After the call, Iris looked at her laptop again, trying to continue her research paper. She accessed the internet to gather some data to support her proposal. After finding one valuable data, she felt thirsty again, and reached for her cup of coffee. As she reached for her pinkish cup, her eyes came across to one of her sticky notes stuck on her mini bulletin board. The note said: ‘Prepare for the upcoming play–The Beauty and The Geek’.

“Oh! The play,” she whispered. She paused for a moment and then sighed.

“I really want to join that play. But I guess, I’ll be going to miss this chance again,” she told herself. She drank her coffee to refocus on her research. But now, all she can think was about the play.

“Will Byron join too?” She wondered. Her cheeks started to blush.

“Ugh! Stop it, Iris! Focus! Focus!” She slightly hit her forehead with her fist two times, as she rebuked herself. She looked again at her research, but the thoughts about the play lingered.

(Looking at her laptop) But if Byron will join, I’m sure Calypso will join too. Ugh. Wait. Iriiis! Enough!”

She shook her head to refocus herself.

(Sigh) Iris, please focus. Your proposal is more important now than that.. that play.. Please focus.”

She paused for a moment, and decided to take a shower, hoping to refresh her troubled mind.

“Okay, Iris. Better to take a shower. Yes, yes. Just take a shower.”

She left her study table and headed to the bathroom. As the shower head sprinkled water lavishly on her face and body, she was starting to feel refreshed.

“Hmm. This feels good. (Sigh) I really hope I can finish my proposal as soon as possible, so I can have more time for things like this.”

(Her eyes still closed.)

“And…so I can prepared enough for the play. Wait, ugh. Play again? Oh, Iris.”

After taking the shower, she dressed herself and went back to her study table to continue her research. For three hours, she worked on it until then she realized it was already 11:30am.

“Oh my gosh! It’s already 11:30am! Maybe I have to pause for now.”

Iris prepared her things and herself as fast as she could.

“Oh my… I guess I have to take the train now or I’ll be super late. Ugh. Sorry, Grace…”

After she checked that their house was securely locked, she headed to the nearest train station. Twenty minutes later, she finally reached Fernando Station, the nearest station to their campus.

“Ugh. It’s already 12:00 noon. She should be there already, waiting.”

Using her beep card, she crossed one of the station’s turnstiles. Before going down the stairs, she texted Grace.

“Omg, Grace. I’m so sorry I’m late. I’ll be there the soonest. Love you!”

But before she touch the ‘Send’ button, somebody unintentionally bumped into her.



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