Let him go.
Let it be.
It’s better for you
to set him free.

Please wipe your tears.
Show me your smile.
Don’t waste your time
for things that aren’t worthwhile.

Wake up from that nightmare.
See, the sun’s brightly shining.
Fix that messy hair.
It’s not too late to dream again.

Forgive yourself.
Forgive them, too.
Just accept the fact
that he’s not for you.

He’s not your prince.
He is hers.
So, let go now.
Let go now.

Open your eyes.
Now, lady, please rise.
Enough for mourning.
Look! Your future’s waiting.

When a door is closed,
a new one will open.
Don’t be afraid
to believe again.

You are wiser now,
and stronger too.
Let us begin again.
Let’s start something new.

I know it will be hard,
but I know it’ll worth it.
The wound in your heart,
the Lord will heal it.

Soon, the day will come,
you’ll just laugh about that thing.
And you will be thankful
for the “no” answer that’s been given.

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