To The Man Who Can Never Be Mine

To the man who can never be mine,

I choose to be happy for the two of you.

I choose to move on over some stupid thing that I myself know now that it’ll never happen.

It is never an easy thing for me to do, but I know it’s the best thing for me and you.

Sorry if I hated you for not liking me back.

Sorry if I hated her because she’s the one you love, not me.

But I thought that if it’s God who decreed that, I have no right to oppose.

Maybe because there’s someone out there that’s better for me, someone I really deserve.

So I choose to look on the brighter side.

I choose to be optimistic, in spite of this great despair I’m feeling deep inside.

Because I know I can’t be knocked down like this forever.

Still, I need to be thankful because though I’m deeply hurt, (and I bet you don’t even care about it) I’m still grateful because I’ve met someone like you.

I’m thankful because for some time, you’ve at least given me those angelic smiles of yours. Too bad I’ve fallen for those sweet things.

I’m sorry.

Now, I have to choose to hope for the best for you and her.

I have to choose to pray for your relationship to grow stronger.

Yes, it’s hard for me.

Because now, I have to choose to suppress my longing to be with you too.

I guess it’s better for me to be happy for the two of you, than forcing you to reciprocate my love.

Well, I’m honestly disgusted when you avoid me. But maybe I guess you’re just trying to help me… Help me get rid of this feeling I have for you.

It hurts. But if that’s that, I thank you.

After the news, there are some things I realized.

I realized that your heart will never remember me, no more.

I realized that it’s impossible now to see you with me in the future.

I realized that you are that distant star which will never fall for me too.

I realized that those thoughts of you that kept me awake till 2am, now I have to stop.

I give a multiple of bittersweetmelancholic sighs, because now I realized…

I realized that reminiscing the first time we met, that putting you into my poetry has to stop.

I realized that I’m not the one you’ll dance to forever.

You are not my Mr. God’s will, and now I have another awful papercut.

Those stubborn butterflies I must have killed long time ago. Yeah.

I realized that this invisible heart-shaped tattoo, you never really see.

I realized that the man I’ve been waiting and praying for… is never you.

I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.

Now, I’ll give my one last cry, and my heart must finally let you go.

Yes. But if, only if… you’ll come back to me in the future,

I’m afraid I can’t accept you anymore.

I won’t accept you anymore.

Just only if… if that happens…

Yes, I’m letting you go.

Because sometimes letting go does less harm than holding on… holding onto something that isn’t for you.

It would be unfair for me if you two live your lives to the fullest, while I’m here terribly suffering.

So I decided to just move on, tell myself that ‘Enough is enough’, and live my life too.

I hope for the best for the two of you.

Well, I give you now my blessing…

Yes, I’m finally letting you go…

My heart aches, but I have to…

So now, goodbye.

Goodbye to you, my impossible dream!

Goodbye to you, my impossible love!

Goodbye! Goodbye.

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