In The Midst of Fear

"When fear knocks, let faith answer the door." -Robin Roberts All of us have storms in our lives. Some are little, some are great, and some are greater. Iba-iba ang level. Pero kahit iba-iba yan, ang common denominator nyan, may fear. may fear kang maeexperience. Yung iba, nagwoworry sa finances nila (e.g. San kaya kami … Continue reading In The Midst of Fear

quiet, be still

very timely 💕




“A great windstorm arose, and the waves were breaking into the boat,
so that the boat was already filling.”


The violent winds stormed forth and the boat tiptoed toward wreckage. 
Yet when I tuned out from the wailing, the waiting, the howling, 
a still small voice simply said, “everything is okay.”



Present tense.
Present lens.
Present sense.

It’s all okay.


The condition, the wrestle, even the fear.


The storm’s one for the suspense movies, yet everything is okay. Not was. 
Not will be. Everything is okay right now.


Three words is all it takes:
“quiet, be still.”


Quiet, be still.


And the shower holes of the sky will shut,
the winds will fade,
and the darkness begone.


Quiet, be still –


though the boat shakes with the waves
like the shoulders of a crying child,

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