You Are Not Your Facebook Profile

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       I cannot tell you who you are – but I can tell you something you’re not: you’re definitely not a combination of codes arranged to create an interface of whites and blues. You are more than a virtual profile that can be hacked, maligned, or deleted accidentally by any person, anytime. Your life has so much more than what a simple URL destination can offer.


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           As people around you can see, you are a living human being walking, talking, breathing; composed of bones, soul, and sinews; not the number beside the thumb icon on your profile pic nor the one indicating how many other “combination of codes” you are connected with in that virtual circle. Realizing those numbers somehow, sometimes, makes you feel the exact opposite – you’ve got lesser likes, lesser friends, lesser tagged photos every week –…

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How To Guard Your Heart

The King and I


It is of extreme importance that we learn to guard our hearts so that we may be vigilant and sober minded (1 Peter 5:8) when dealing with men in the kingdom. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in fairy tales and daydreams of romantic escapades. Most of us tend to recklessly act on our feelings and emotions. In fact, society teaches us to follow our hearts. I challenge this notion, and advise you to lead your heart. The bible says, “He who trust in his own heart is foolish” (Proverbs 28:26). Read “Why You Shouldn’t Follow Your Heart”. So how do we guard our heart? How do we lead it to make sure we don’t experience heartbreak?

  1. Pray and Seek God consistently. Always invite Him in every decision concerning the opposite sex. Whether it is to make a phone call, accept a phone call. Go on a date…

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