“Healing” by Deniece Williams

Now that we have gotten through One more fall I can just admit I've got it all Cause I do Cause I've got you We've crossed these battle lines to many times It passes throught the heart But it never leaves a mark Cause Your love just keeps on healing me No matter how I … Continue reading “Healing” by Deniece Williams


She watches you in her memory; she’s holding her pen. About the little things that you do, she keeps on writing.   How your eyes sparkle, How your voice sounds sweetly. How your dimples allure, How you smile with such beauty.   Multiple of strokes on her paper, about you, she can’t stop writing. Sometimes … Continue reading HER POETRY

“Dance Without The Music” by Yeng Constantino

You won my heart with just one smile And that dimple on your cheek makes me wanna kiss you and your eyes, They speak of a thousand words But it makes me feel giddy When you tell me that I'm beautiful You make me wild inside You make me feel so fly You make me … Continue reading “Dance Without The Music” by Yeng Constantino