When God Breaks Your Heart (and Crushes Your Idols)

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            At a time when I least expected heartbreak, that’s when it came.

           Like some unforgiving calamity, pain ravaged my insides as I, shaken and half-believing, trudged my way home that fateful evening. I walked past bright neon lights amidst bewildered strangers who can’t help but cast a weird look upon me – all tear-drenched, distressed, and distraught. My appearance was the least of my cares, anyway. All I managed to ask amidst the struggle for consoling thoughts, the hopelessness, and the searing pain deep within me was, “God, why are you breaking my heart?”

           Within the next second, He gave me a reply that I was not quite prepared to receive:

            “…because the idol is in there.”



               In a day and age where people no…

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beautiful ❤


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Let me spill out my secrets to you -
entwine your heart with mine, and let my soul stand bare.

Men may think that they’ve had the entire sum of me,
but they’ve only had a quotient.
How I’ve longed to open my heart to them
and finally be vulnerable
to even go as far as turning a few leaves,
having them learn my life’s tales,
that they’d be there for the next chapters.
Yet all they cared to do was glean over and skip,
take all the precious contents frivolous,
and leave me in the end
wishing I’ve never opened the book.


I wonder what’s it’s like to be able to share
the mysteries buried in the depths of me
to someone who can make all the trouble worthwhile.

I imagine the rivers of mysteries flowing,
and it creates such a beautiful sound.

Could it…

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