Just woke up from a nightmare Feeling exhausted, terrified. An innocent heart shattered into pieces, Bleeding, and it keeps on bleeding more. Eyes have swollen for too much tears. What happened to me? I just can't hardly breathe. Where's the sun? Where's the light? Why does it ever have to hide? Is it too late … Continue reading INVISIBLE HEART-SHAPED TATTOO

“LIGHTWEIGHT” by Demi Lovato

The slightest words you said Have all gone to my head I hear angels sing in your voice When you pull me close Feelings I’ve never known They mean everything And leave me no choice Light on my heart, light on my feet Light in your eyes I can’t even speak Do you even know … Continue reading “LIGHTWEIGHT” by Demi Lovato


(You Who Came From The Stars OST) Romanization uyeonhi naege dagawa gamssa anajugo seoro meonghani baraboda geonnaen marannyeong kkumsogeseoman seuchyeogatdeon jigeumneon nae ape sarangi wanneunde geudaen tteonandae gidaryeonneunde deo bol suga eopdae neul babocheoreom heureuneun nunmuri malhae annyeongijen Goodbye Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello dasi mannal ttaen naega meonjeo gwaenchanha annyeong kkumeseorado majuchilkka du nuneul … Continue reading “HELLO/GOODBYE (안녕)” of HYORIN/HYOLYN (효린)